Sold properties with LJ Hooker

Whether you sell a home or an investment property, at the end of the day, you simply want to achieve the best possible price for your asset whilst minimising the stress involved in the process. This is where LJ Hooker agents, as experts in marketing and negotiation, show their true colours. In the initial stages, our sales consultants are there to give advice and an accurate snapshot, a “Current Market Analysis” which indicates the value of your Vanuatu property at the time of selling. It is imperative to get an accurate indication, as overpricing will prove counterproductive, and underpricing will lose you money. We take on the role of advisor and act on your exact instructions, so relax, and enjoy the best possible result in terms of capital and process.

Different methods of sale, which include Private Treaty, Tender and Auction, can also make a substantial difference to the final price of your asset. Most Vanuatu real estate is sold by private treaty. Following this course of action, a price is offered by the buyer and accepted or rejected by the vendor. Once an amount is settled upon, the sale can be effected based upon the conditions (if any) of the buyer and vendor. Tendering involves offers by a set date. As a vendor you then choose the offer you consider best, which might not necessarily be the highest, as the conditions of sale may vary for tenders.

Auctions generally achieve the best result, but they are not yet common in Vanuatu. Public sale is exciting, with multiple buyers bidding for the property at an organised event. It requires more work, marketing and focus from the agents, but the rewards are there for the vendor to reap.

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